Local Play Therapy Courses

All of APAC's courses, including Introductory, Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills, Diploma in Play Therapy may be run in-house for a local group of trainees.

APAC Courses may be run in-house for a local group of trainees, such as a counselling service, social services team or a school, anywhere in the UK, Ireland and in many overseas countries. These events maybe run on weekdays or at weekends. The minimum number required is 10 participants. The maximum number is 24 or 50 for an Introductory course. You provide the venue, we provide the facilitators, equipment, materials and documentation. Costs vary according to the location and numbers. Certification is carried out by Play Therapy UK (PTUK) - the largest professional organisation self-regulating play therapy in the United Kingdom, or by Play Therapy International (PTI) in other countries.

Provided that the minimum numbers can be met this is an extremely attractive option:

  • The courses can be tailored to the needs of your group, focused on your objectives and be integrated into your overall training programme
  • There is a common affinity of interest for the whole group
  • The cost of tuition per person, will normally be less, sometimes considerably so, than the open courses held at our training centres
  • Your staff or colleagues will not have to spend time travelling nor be away from home at night
  • You will save on travelling and accommodation costs

Why not make your next training event one devoted to working therapeutically with children?  Phone Monika on 01825 761143 or email: mokijep@majemail.com

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