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Open Courses

All of APAC's courses, including Introductory, Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills, Diploma in Play Therapy may be run in-house for agencies, such as a counselling service, social services team or primary schools, anywhere in the UK, Ireland and in many overseas countries. These events maybe run on weekdays or at weekends. The minimum number required is 10 participants. The maximum number is 24 trainees for a Certificate or Diploma course, 50 for an Introductory course. You provide the venue, we provide the facilitators, equipment, materials and documentation. Costs vary according to the location and numbers. Certification is carried out by Play Therapy UK (PTUK) - the largest professional organisation self-regulating play therapy in the United Kingdom, or by Play Therapy International (PTI) in other countries.

Research, based on over 6000 cases, shows that between 70% and 84% of the children receiving play therapy from practitioners trained by APAC show a positive change.  The worse the problems, the higher the percentage showing a positive change.  We can train your staff to these standards.

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Our Policies

We can train members of your staff as a Certified Practitioner of Therapeutic Play Skills for course fees of as little as 1000 per person. see Costs


About APAC

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Types of Agencies and Organisations where APAC has provided play therapy training

  • Primary Schools (Individual and Clusters)

  • Social Services - CAMHS teams

  • Special Needs Schools

  • Counselling Services

  • Education Authority's Behaviour Services

  • Counsellor Trainees

  • Relate Services

  • Mental Health Hospital - Community Teams

  • Safe Schools Service

  • Family Services

  • Disability Services

  • Child Psychotherapy Training Group

  • Charities and NGOs eg Barnados


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Courses and Qualifications

The following courses, qualifications and awards are available through APAC's in-house training programmes:


No days training / elapsed time

Awards & Qualifications

1 and 3 day introductory courses 1 & 3 days

PTUK/PTI CPD Certificate of Attendance

5-day Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills Part 1 5 days PTUK/PTI Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills (Stage 1)
Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills 12 days over 6 - 9 months PTUK/PTI Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills
Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills 15 days over 9 months PTUK/PTI Certificate in Therapeutic Play
Diploma in Play Therapy 30 days over 24 months PTUK/PTI Practice Award

Trainees who successfully complete the clinical and academic parts of the Certificate, may if they wish ,use their Certificate qualification to apply for the Post Graduate Diploma course at a venue accredited by Leeds Beckett (formerly Leeds Metropolitan) University.

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Competency Based Training

All of APAC's play therapy training courses are based upon the PTUK's Profession Structure Model's Competency Framework.  This ensures that trainee practitioners receive training in the skills that are necessary for safe and effective work with children who have emotional, behaviour and mental health problems.

A big advantage of competency based learning outcomes is that the results of the training may be observed and measured in the actual work situation.

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Customised Courses for Agencies, Organisations and Groups

Each agency or organisation will have specific requirements according to needs of the children that they care for together with their own priorities and resources.  APAC takes these needs into account in designing an in-house training programme by selecting the competencies that are most relevant from the PTUK Competency Framework. An introductory workshop is a good way of identifying the competencies required for further training.

The maximum number of participants for in-house play therapy courses is based upon the largest number that be safely and effectively managed in experiential exercises, group supervision and tutorials.

Level of Course

Max No

Introductory 1 and 3 day courses 50
Certificate level 24
Diploma level 24
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Our play therapy training costs mainly depend upon:

  • The number of days training required and how they are scheduled

  • The amount of travel and subsistence required by the facilitators

  • The level of the award

APAC charges a fixed amount per day so the more participants there are (up to the maxima indicated above) the lower the cost per person. 


Our costs include facilitation (usually 2 presenters) and the provision of equipment, materials and hand-out masters.  The costs of hiring the training room, refreshments and lunch are not included.


Comparison of open and in-house courses


APAC can provide you with help to get together an economical sized cohort.

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Provided that the minimum numbers can be met in-house play therapy training is an extremely attractive option:

  • The courses can be tailored to the needs of the organisation or group, focused on your objectives and be integrated into your overall training programme
  • Career development and motivation - your staff can work towards recognised, professionally and academically accredited qualifications
  • There is a common affinity of interest for the whole group
  • The cost of tuition per person, will normally be less, sometimes considerably so, than open courses.
  • Your staff or colleagues will not have to spend time travelling nor be away from home at night
  • You will save on travelling and accommodation costs
  • Courses may be scheduled in the school holiday period thereby eliminating the need and cost of staff cover (see the attractive Summer School option)

Please phone Monika on 01825 761143 or email: to discuss training options.

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