Careers In Play Therapy

APAC provides full career advice and a range of career opportunities:

  • Career Advice - APAC offers a free advisory service for anyone interested in developing their career using therapeutic play skills or in becoming a Certified Play Therapist.

  • A Systemic View of Play Therapy - APAC’s Play Therapy Practice Systemic View diagram shown below provides a context for planning a career in play therapy and related areas. Practice may also include filial play coaching.

  • Careers and Training - APAC estimates that there is a latent need in the UK for at least 15000 practitioners using therapeutic play, creative arts and play therapy skills. There are probably less than 1000 therapists at present with the level of expertise that is required so there are plenty of potential career opportunities.

  • Portfolio Working - Portfolio work refers to a way of working in which self-employed individuals work on a range of different projects for different organisations or clients. Portfolio work has increased over the past 20 years because many organisations feel less able to offer permanent employment contracts and many individuals choose to work this way. This has led to the concept of a portfolio career in which individuals develop and maintain a package of paid and unpaid activities that draws on their range of skills.

  • Guidance on Remuneration Scales - Remuneration Scale guidelines have been prepared based on a comparison with professionals working in similar disciplines.

  • Entry To Play Therapy Profession - In order to provide support for as many children as possible, who have emotional, behaviour and mental health problems, APAC welcomes entrants from many different professional backgrounds as well as those embarking on their first career.

  • Certification & Career Development in the UK - You could consider your career planning in three stages of certification: firstly, becoming a practitioner, secondly extending your skills and scope of practice and thirdly helping others to develop their practice.

  • Career Development in Therapeutic Play - APAC has developed a Career Development Map (in 2 parts) and a four stage training model as a part of the Profession Structure Model.

  • Play Therapy Career Development Map - Part 1 - The map shows different types of training that provide a good basis (prior learning) for furthering a career using therapeutic play are shown by green ovals.  Part 2 of the map shows the possible career development paths that a qualified Play Therapist may follow using the fourth tier of the training model to become a Play Therapy Supervisor, a Play Therapy Trainer or acquired an MA in Practised Based Play Therapy.

  • Four Stage Training Model - The APAC Four Stage Training Model has been developed as part of the Profession Structure Model to support the Career Development Map. They are also mapped to University and NVQ levels.

  • Accredited Play Therapy and Therapeutic Play Training Courses - Why Train With APAC? Qualifications with international and national recognition. (PTI, PTUK). We give you the play therapy skills to obtain worthwhile posts.