Guidance on Remuneration Scales

Remuneration Guidelines   

  • The following guidelines have been prepared based on a comparison with professionals working in similar disciplines.  
  • They take also take into account that our Registrants:
  • Are listed on a Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register that assures the quality of their work. 
  • They meet the higher standards required by Play Therapy UK, as compared to other professional organisations, for clinical governance that demonstrates the effectiveness of their work. Their employers will have measured clinical outcomes. 
  • Work is audited through an annual revalidation process. PTUK does not rely on declarations and sampling. All Registrants’ work is audited. This demonstrates PTUK’s Registrants are meeting the highest standards that exist. 
  • All have had Post Graduate training, in some cases an MA. 
  • Hours of clinical practice experience. 
  • Are required to have clinical supervision, at least monthly, to manage risk and improve their practice. 
  • Responsibilities include assessments, parent interviews, review meetings and management reporting as well as their therapeutic work with the children. 
  • Use a wide range of therapeutic media which enable them to meet more children’s needs compared to other types of therapies and can effectively treat more children.   

Please remember that the rates given below are guidelines. They are not approved National scales.  

The guideline for Equivalent Session Rate is suggested for those who are contracted on a session basis.


Scale point Grade/Experience England & Wales £ Equivalent Session Rate £Inner London £ Outer London £ London Fringe £ 
1Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills newly qualified (100 hours) 28,000 44 33,600 32,200 29,400
2Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills  (200 hours) 29,000 4534,800 33,350 30,450
3Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills experienced (400 hours) 30,0004736,00034,50031,500
4Play Therapist newly qualified (200 hours) 32,0005038,40036,800 33,600
5Accredited Play Therapist (450 hours) 37,0005844,40042,550 38,850
6Accredited Play Therapist experienced (1000 hours) 42,0006650,40048,300 44,100
7Accredited Play Therapist & Certified Clinical Supervisor 45,0007054,00051,750 47,250
8Manager of a small or specialist Play Therapy Service (3 - 6 therapists) 48,00057,60055,200 50,400
9Manager of a medium size Play Therapy Service (7 - 19 therapists) 60,00072,00069,000 63,000
10Manager of a large Play Therapy Service (20+ therapists) 75,00090,00086,250 78,750