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APAC and the University of Chichester are pleased to announce that from October 2023, the University of Chichester will be the awarding body for APAC’s awards in play therapy.

APAC - The Home of Play Therapy Training

Welcome to the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy

APAC Play Therapy Training is the largest and most experienced and dedicated Creative Arts and Play Therapy Training organisation in the world. APAC offers the Integrative Holistic Model of Play Therapy which is uniquely validated through excellent clinical outcomes. We believe this provides a solid foundation preparing students with the knowledge, skills and experience to work therapeutically with children, young people and adults using play and creative arts.

Jobs in Play Therapy

APAC provides full career advice and a range of career opportunities.



Requirements for Play Therapists or Practitioner of Therapeutic Play Skills.



A list of all APAC faculty staff.


What they’ve said about APAC Play Therapy Training

The course content is the same regardless of the venue, and the APAC faculty of over 50 is used across all locations to deliver the courses. This ensures continuity and consistency of delivery to meet registration standards.

“…very good academic achievements…
The average academic mark achieved by trainees over the last four years for all assignments has been 64.15% where 50% is a pass and 70% is a distinction. We had only six failures out of 2371 trainees.”


Source: APAC Annual Monitoring Report

“…one that has a superb record of trainee satisfaction…
The programme has been rated by the trainees at 91.6%. 97% would recommend it to others without any reservations.”


Source: APAC Annual Monitoring Report

“The overall effectiveness of the Integrative Holistic model of Play Therapy when measured by the SDQ Total Difficulties domain shows that a positive change was observed by referrers of 77% to 84% as observed by parents is shown to be statistically reliable.”

Source: The International Journal of Play and Creative Arts Therapies Research 2017.

“The next day I received an email from my head teacher and she said “It was very well received by all the head teachers and I was so proud of you, and from the feedback I received I think you are going to be very busy.”

Source: Diploma Trainee