Post Qualifying Certificate in Counselling Children and Young People

The Course for Certified Play Therapists

We all know that young children rarely use talking as a way to resolve their issues, but as they grow older this changes. This course is designed for Certified or Accredited Play Therapists who wish to extend their skills to use talking therapy with children and young people alongside creative arts media.

Students who successfully complete our Counselling Children and Young People qualification will be able to use the title Certified Play and Creative Arts Counsellor of Children and Young People on the PTUK Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

Entry Requirements

This seven-day programme is designed for those who have been awarded the Certified Play Therapist qualification after completing the APAC Diploma in Play Therapy Course in full.

Membership of PTUK/PTI is required to attend this course.

Course Content

The course programme will include:

  • How to communicate effectively using listening, reflecting, empathy, attending, observing, paraphrasing and summarising skills with children and young people in the therapeutic relationship
  • Understanding transference and counter transference as it arises in the therapeutic relationship and how to respond effectively
  • Identifying the ways in which children and young people manage and process their emotions, including the ability to recognise situations where they are finding it difficult to access these
  • Helping children and young people to find appropriate words to describe their emotions
  • Helping children and young people to verbalise key concerns, meanings and memories which emerge out of emotional arousal
  • Helping children and young people to identify and verbalise the wishes, needs, behaviours and goals associated with feelings and emotions
  • Integrating the use of therapeutic creative arts media (from your Play Therapy experience) with talking therapy skills
  • Increasing your self-awareness and understanding how this can help or hinder the therapeutic relationship.

Location and Duration

This Course is delivered over seven days with a one-day follow up at a later date for you to present your case study

Venue:               TBC

Course fee:       £990.00

Date:                   TBC

The course will run from 09.00 – 17.00 each day

Follow up Day:     TBC

For those who have previously completed the 7 days

The course will run from 09.00 – 17.00

Fee:                       £150.00

Dates and prices are correct at the time of printing but may be subject to change.  Please check with the APAC Office on 01825 761143 before booking.


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In order to successfully complete this course, you will need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • A Case Study
  • A Reflective Statement
  • A Book Review
  • A Process Diary
  • 50 Clinical Hours showing how you have integrated your new skills
  • Attendance to a Follow Up Day where your case study will be presented