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APAC Play Therapy Training Courses

The purpose of all APAC Play Therapy Training Courses is to:

  • Enable all of trainees to obtain Play Therapy or therapeutic play work, with employers and/or as independent practitioners. Our methods and record are second to none on this point
  • Training Centres exceed the standards that are required for the ‘Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists‘, All APAC Play Therapy training courses are accredited by Play Therapy UK (PTUK)

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You will need to:

Understand what is safe for the child.
APAC uses many exercises where you will experience for yourself the interventions that you are taught - as the children will. You don't just observe demonstrations or videos - you will actively participate.
Understand your own issues and the processes that will impact upon your therapeutic work with children.Work only with children that are appropriate to your level of skills. It can be dangerous as well as unethical to work out of your depth.
On the first module of the Certificate course you are taught to assess the severity of children's problems and given guidelines so that you will work at the right level.
Have support for the problems that you will encounter.
It is essential that you have your own individual supervision. APAC also provides group supervision for your support, learning process and as a further safeguard against inappropriate working.
Need to have a comprehensive Play Therapy toolkit (see opposite) so that you can respond effectively to a particular child's choices and needs. Every child is different.
Much of the effectiveness of Play Therapy is due to a non-directive approach which means that the child leads by deciding what to do. You need to become confident in handling a large variety of situations. The practical aspects of the experiential exercises will teach you many, many techniques to use in the play room.
Acquire the competencies required for the setting(s) and conditions that you will be working with.
The Certificate encourages and the Diploma course requires you to work on a project, setting up Play Therapy in a specific setting such as a school, CAMHS team, hospital or care home. Dealing with particular conditions such as autism, ADHD, anger management, terminally ill children etc etc are covered throughout the programme.APAC offers specially designed in-house courses for organisations with specific needs.
Observe ethical and statutory requirements.
APAC requires its students to adhere to a relevant ethical framework such as PTUK's and provides guidance in the first Certificate module on what is needed before you start to work therapeutically with children.
Use the principles of clinical governance to constantly monitor and improve your practice.
PTUK's standards for Play Therapy training and practice also require the outcomes of therapy to be measured. We help you to analyse your work, whilst under training, to improve your effectiveness.

We aim to provide a completely satisfactory learning experience for our course participants. However very occasionally expectations differ from what is delivered. The APAC procedures are designed to catch any anomalies at an early stage and resolve such issues.

You can view and download a copy of our Complaints Procedures [Here].
You can view and download a copy of our Enabling Potential brochure [Here] or view it below.