Certificate in Creative Arts and Play Therapy Counselling with Adults

Taking the skills that you have learned from your Counselling Children and Young People course and your experience of working as a Play Therapist, the Certificate in Creative Arts and Play Therapy Counselling with Adults course is for those who wish to extend their skills to be able to work with adults using creative arts and play media.

Entry Requirements

This seven-day programme is designed for Accredited Play Therapists who have also completed the Post Qualifying Certificate in Counselling Children and Young People Course.

The Course is also open to registered counsellors who want to learn creative skills to integrate in their practice (confirmation of registration with an appropriate body is required).

Membership of PTUK/PTI is required to attend this course

Course Content

Adults who have experienced trauma within their childhood often have suppressed memories which can impact on their adult selves. When trauma occurs in childhood, the inner child can become wounded, and this can impact on how an adult can and will respond when they are experiencing stress or similar difficulties which may be triggered by an unconscious memory. This will often result in overwhelming feelings and behaviours being experienced, making the adult feel vulnerable and emotionally overwhelmed.

The Certificate in Creative Arts and Play Therapy Counselling with Adults will enable participants to provide adult clients with the opportunity to work through their overwhelming feelings using APAC’s Integrative Holistic approach. This will incorporate a variety of media employed within Creative Arts and Play Therapy, including art, clay, sandplay and symbols, movement, music, storytelling, and creative visualisations.

The course will introduce some new theorists, as well as revisit others in more detail including Jung, Bion, Perry, Siegel, Bowlby, Winnicott and Hughes.

This Course is delivered over seven days with a one-day follow up at a later date for students to present their case studies.

Venue:                 TBC

Course fee:          £990.00

Date:                    TBC


Follow up Day:     TBC

For those who have previously completed the 7 days

The course will run from 09.00 – 17.00

Fee:                       £150.00

Dates and prices are correct at the time of printing but may be subject to change.  Please check with the APAC Office on 01825 761143 before booking.


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In order to successfully complete this course, students will need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • 50 Clinical Hours of Creative Arts and Play Therapy Counselling with Adults
  • Completion of a process diary
  • Completion of four written assignments – two of 1,200 words in total and two of 2,000 words in total
  • A 3,000-word case study
  • Delivery of a Case Study Presentation at a Follow Up Day
  • Satisfactory attendance to the course